Sam Smith and Christian Cowan: A Cozy NYC Day Out

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Sam Smith and Christian Cowan: A Cozy NYC Day Out

Sam Smith and their partner Christian Cowan were spotted enjoying the pleasant weather in NYC, cuddling up together! The vocalist of “Unholy” and the style creator were seen having coffee and taking a leisurely stroll in New York City.

Later on, they found a cozy spot by the Hudson River, where they exchanged affectionate kisses.

For their outing, Smith sported a long-sleeved football jersey paired with shorts, while Cowan opted for a plush leather jacket and sleek black trousers. Their last public appearance together was captured in February, as they sauntered through the city before a fashion event. Check out the snapshots here!

Interestingly, Sam Smith is among the celebrities who’ve been barred from using dating applications. Explore the complete roster of banned personalities.

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