Most memorable fuck in life

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For a woman to remember sex for life, it must be either very bad or insanely cool! We will not talk about the bad now, but will tell you about the most memorable moments in sex that a woman remembers very often and for a long time…

In fact, there are many such memorable moments in sex, but today we will tell you about the 10 most memorable features of sex for women! And so that the woman will remember the fuck, you need:


1. Make sex beautiful. 

Every man can fuck a woman beautifully! It is not sex itself that plays a special role here, but the surrounding atmosphere, candles, quiet sexy music, a snow-white bed strewn with rose petals (she will definitely tell all her friends about this), a glass of good wine with fruit, and a long foreplay, but more on that later…

2. Grab her hair while fucking from behind. 

A woman’s hair, or rather the skin on her head, is a very erogenous zone, and when you grab her hair by fucking from behind (just not very hard), it will bring her a lot of pleasure, she will remember it for a long time, and if you pull her hair during orgasm, she will scream with pleasure, or in pain, but in any case, she will tell her friends, “he was great, no one pulled me by the hair in sex”. Hard sex rules!

3. Bring her to a jet orgasm. 

If you want to fuck a woman so that she will remember for a lifetime, bring her to a jet orgasm! Few men know how to do this, and there is a great chance that you will be the first man who gave her such pleasure, and the first will remain in her memory for life.

4. Fuck a woman in an unusual place.   Continue reading Most memorable fuck in life

Can you copy your way to success at free milf hookups websites?

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Free hookups websites deliver. That’s the great news. Seriously, if you’re looking for free hookups, there are many websites and mobile dating apps that will get you all the nasty, stinky, amazing pussy that you’re looking for. Whether you’re into eating pussy or fucking it, it doesn’t matter. Free hookups will cover all your pussy needs. 

Now, with all that out of the way, you have to understand that realizing that these websites work and actually doing well at them are two totally different things. There are, of course, two ways to do anything in life. You can do things the easy way or you can do things the hard way. 

It really blows my mind that a vast majority of guys who are on all sorts of websites and who download all sorts of mobile dating apps for milf hookups, insist on doing things the hard way. Seriously. It’s as if they are proving their manhood by doing things in the most fucked up and most burdensome way possible. Well, if you’re smarter than all of that, insist on doing things the easy way. 

What is the easy way? Very simple. Copy profiles that work. There are many websites that offer free hookups that publish some sort of statistic. You can tell by the profiles of guys whether the profile has been viewed many times. That is a dead giveaway. If a profile gets viewed by a lot of females, then that profile, at some level or other, is working. 

Pay attention to such profiles. Look at what they contain. Look at how they position the guy. Look at the information, as well as the signals that it sends out. You’re always sending out signals by your choice of words, as well as your choice of pictures. Ty to compile a composite and keep tweaking your profile until it gets the attention it deserves. 

You know that you’re copying the right profiles when your view rate goes through the roof. Focus on what works. Ditch what doesn’t. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that.

What Sex Toys Do Asian Cams Like?

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You will find hundreds of hot sex cams models – young and mature, skinny and curvy, blondes and brunettes – in the Firecams video chat. All these girls are charismatic, relaxed, and confident. They really like to excite viewers and enjoy virtual sex.


To fulfill the various wishes of the guests of their private rooms, asian cam girls use sex toys.

Most Popular Toys of Asian Webcam Models

We have asked our girls about their favorite toys, and these are the recs they gave us.

The Famous Lovense Lush Vibrating Egg

A beautiful and delicate egg with powerful vibrations. Its rhythms are 3 times stronger than offered by other similar toys.



It can be controlled through an app, a smart watch, vibrate to the beat of music, and react to tokens.


By the way, this brand has a similar toy, Lovense Hush, in the shape of a butt plug that provides all the same functions!

FT London Gplug Innovative Small Rechargeable Vibration Butt Plug

This beautiful and elegant plug with the ability to recharge is available in 2 sizes.



You can control it with another toy of the same brand, the Gring finger vibrator, which serves not only as a clitoris stimulator but also as a remote control.

The Most Advanced Double Vibrator We-Vibe Sync

The horseshoe-shaped thing that works on the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time is very popular and suitable for couples. Of course, the latter is not that relevant for sex chatting, but it looks great when the girl shows this kinky device to the viewers.



You can control it remotely, both with a remote control from the next room and with an application from anywhere in the world. It is timeless like most We-Vibe toys, reliable and fun.

We-Vibe Jive Smart Control Vibrator

This is a very cool vibrating egg of a wonderful heavenly color that promises to be a hit equal to Lush. 


It provides smart control via Bluetooth at a distance of up to 10 meters, as well as control through an application from anywhere in the world. There is the ability to create more new vibration modes in addition to the standard ones. It also has a fixed tail clip for maximum convenience in positioning the vibrating egg inside.

“Musical” Vibrator With Smart App OhMiBod BlueMotion Nex 2



OhMiBod toys are often called musical toys. They ideally respond to sounds and voices that smart functionality transforms into new vibration modes. Some of them are also equipped with light and music effects. But BlueMotion Nex 2 is special. Besides control from a smartphone, it also has an orgasm tracker. This is a unique opportunity to find out how ready a girl is for orgasm, in percentage! Really unusual and curious, isn’t it?

Siime Eye Svakom Vibrator with Video Camera

This is the hit of sales that many men are obsessed with. They dream of getting a look deep inside a hot girl and finding out what is going on there when she gets excited.



The tip of the vibrator is illuminated by diodes, and there is a function for recording video in HD quality, which can be transferred via Wi-Fi to a computer or phone.


It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. The data is protected, so no one will know anything.

We-Vibe Bloom Smart Vaginal Balls



This toy seems to be useful for health, but it also vibrates quite intensively. Besides, it looks beautiful. The balls are collapsible, the upper part remains unchanged, and you can choose one of 3 different weights for the bottom. They work with an application.

Realistic Dildos



Despite their simplicity, dildos and strap-ons still turn on women and men. They are inexpensive, low maintenance, and don’t need fiddling with buttons or charging.

BDSM Accessories


Every smart model knows about the importance of these toys, even if they are just in the background and not used at all. Collars, gags, whips, and handcuffs are things associated with hard and kinky sex.

Onyx 2 by Kiiroo



Men on the other side of the screen want pleasure too, so they can purchase a toy, which, in turn, can be controlled by the girl. Besides, this toy connects with women’s toys from this brand, so you can create an amazing duet. This is more than virtual sex: this is a new and unforgettable experience! You can use it hands-free, combine it with virtual reality and specially selected porn videos. It is sold with autographs of various porn stars, as well as with a gift archive of those very adult videos.


Want to see our sexy Asian cam models play with these toys? Register on Firecams to get access to their most private videos as a VIP member.


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