Gym Chronicles: David Corenswet’s Road to Becoming Superman

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Gym Chronicles: David Corenswet’s Road to Becoming Superman

David Corenswet is getting into top shape for his role in “Superman: Legacy.” Initially criticized for appearing a bit awkward since his casting as Superman was revealed, recent gym photos show a significant transformation.

David, set to play the Man of Steel in James Gunn’s upcoming film, was captured in a gym picture by fitness trainer Paolo Mascitti, who seems to be collaborating with DC to sculpt him into the ideal Superman physique.

From the images, it’s evident that their workout routine is effective, as David looks more muscular and fitting for the iconic superhero role. This marks a departure from his appearance earlier in the summer when he showcased a more casual “hot dad bod” on the beach.

While the current photos don’t reveal his face, they provide a clear view of his improved physique, a stark contrast to his previous less-muscled look. With David seemingly achieving the desired Clark Kent physique, he appears to meet the expectations of fans, having the facial features, hair, height, and now, the ripped physique that fans desire in their Superman.

The commencement of filming for ‘Superman: Legacy’ is set for Spring 2024, and the movie is anticipated to hit theaters in Summer 2025. These advancements signal a favorable trajectory for the project. The lighthearted mention of Henry Cavill implies that David Corenswet could be offering some competition to the former Superman actor in terms of physique

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