Lil Baby denies being in sex video

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Lil Baby denies being in sex video

A recent viral video sparked rumors about Lil Baby’s involvement in a compromising situation, leading to discussions about his sexual orientation. However, the male celeb has addressed the issue to set the record straight.

The video in question is explicit and graphically depicts one man giving blowjob to another. And because of the caption on the video, which partially covered the man’s face, the public assumed that one of the men was Lil Baby.

Despite the speculations and humor circulating on social platforms, Lil Baby employed his Instagram Stories to elucidate the matter. He conveyed his exasperation with individuals exploiting his name and image for clickbait, refuted any participation in the video, and urged others to abstain from disseminating untrue details.

The video’s origin and authenticity remain uncertain, and Lil Baby’s response underscores the potential risks of disseminating false information and reminds us of the need to verify information before making hasty judgments.

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