Most memorable fuck in life

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For a woman to remember sex for life, it must be either very bad or insanely cool! We will not talk about the bad now, but will tell you about the most memorable moments in sex that a woman remembers very often and for a long time…

In fact, there are many such memorable moments in sex, but today we will tell you about the 10 most memorable features of sex for women! And so that the woman will remember the fuck, you need:


1. Make sex beautiful. 

Every man can fuck a woman beautifully! It is not sex itself that plays a special role here, but the surrounding atmosphere, candles, quiet sexy music, a snow-white bed strewn with rose petals (she will definitely tell all her friends about this), a glass of good wine with fruit, and a long foreplay, but more on that later…

2. Grab her hair while fucking from behind. 

A woman’s hair, or rather the skin on her head, is a very erogenous zone, and when you grab her hair by fucking from behind (just not very hard), it will bring her a lot of pleasure, she will remember it for a long time, and if you pull her hair during orgasm, she will scream with pleasure, or in pain, but in any case, she will tell her friends, “he was great, no one pulled me by the hair in sex”. Hard sex rules!

3. Bring her to a jet orgasm. 

If you want to fuck a woman so that she will remember for a lifetime, bring her to a jet orgasm! Few men know how to do this, and there is a great chance that you will be the first man who gave her such pleasure, and the first will remain in her memory for life.

4. Fuck a woman in an unusual place.  

  • A lot of women say about the most memorable fuck that it was in an unusual place, such as in a car, a train, in an office on a desktop! 
  • By the way, a cool idea, if your woman is often late at work, and you sometimes meet her, go to her office and fuck her there on the desktop. 
  • Believe me, she will remember you and your sex every day.

5. Arrange a sexy marathon for a woman. 

Have you ever fucked a woman all night? When in the morning She gets up to the toilet, and you smoke, and your legs really give way… Give a woman a sexy marathon so that she will remember for the rest of her life, change positions with every sexual intercourse, have oral sex, enjoy each other!

6. Let her fuck you with a strapon. 

If you are engaged in anal sex, then almost every woman wants to fuck a man in the ass, so that he feels like it! And this can be done with the help of a strap, such an accessory – a member that is attached to a woman’s belt with belts. I am sure she will never forget in her life how she fucked a man in the anus.

7. Let his vagina sit on your face. 

  • Why does she suck you all the time? 
  • Now let her sit with her kitty on your face and you will properly lick her to orgasm! 
  • Let her dominate herself a little, minutes of power over a man will be remembered for a long time.

8. Blindfolded sex. 

Do you want to give a woman a thrill? Then blindfold her with some kind of silk scarf and caress her body for a long time! Kiss, stroke, make her cunnilingus, and then when she is all oozing and on the verge of orgasm, powerfully enter her with a penis and also roughly fuck her, she will end so violently that she will scream with pleasure.

9. Kiss her fingers during sex. 

I am sure that you have not yet kissed your beloved’s toes during sex, and indeed, have you kissed! In women, legs and toes are a strong erogenous zone, so if you choose a sex position in which you can kiss her fingers, and do it, she will never forget it.

10. Be a real man in sex. 

Take her hands, put her behind her head and fix it with your hand. Make her feel like a real woman when she’s fucked! Believe me, she may be a bitch, but in this position she will be your obedient slave. She will remember this for a long time, as with all the fibers of her soul and body she gave herself up to a real man. Also show her latina mature porn to get turned on.


To the question: How to fuck a woman so that she will remember for the rest of her life? There is only one answer! Always devote enough time to foreplay, do not get on it immediately to fuck, hug, kiss, stroke, bite, scratch, enjoy the touch, because sex is important not by the orgasm itself, but by the attention and caresses that you gave each other in sex!

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